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Shelly Beam
In 1984 Shelly Beam started her escrow career. Shelly has over 35 years of knowledge in our industry. Shelly started in the escrow business as a messenger, while Shelly was in high school working, for her Mom and Dad’s company called, Ross Escrow located in Glendora, she rode around on her Vespa making deliveries. Shelly’s experience excels from all directions in the escrow and real estate industry. Shelly understands how all levels/ positions are important to be a successful Escrow Manager, Shelly quotes, “I am only as good as my staff”. Shelly worked her way up the ladder to get where she is at now.

Shelly loves gambling and traveling, Shelly’s favorite sports teams are, Notre Dame / Los Angeles Rams / Dodgers. When Shelly has free time it’s spent with her family, “The kids” Merissa, Michelle, Jacqueline, Tommy, Savannah, Anthony, Jaxon and Jameson is what keep’s Shelly driven to be the best person she is able to be in life and Shelly’s dog Maverick (yes named after the movie Top Gun).